About Us


Veblen Freight Engineers, Inc. (DBA: Freight Engineers), located in Ashland, Oregon, first opened its doors in 2007. I should mention it was a garage door. That’s right! Our president, Joseph Sanders, began this journey with only his laptop, cell phone and a single-car garage (that doubled as his office). Joe had a vision that he could create a freight brokerage that not only mirrored but would truly epitomize his core beliefs and values. With that, Freight Engineers was born. 


Our secret? There isn’t one. We went back to the basics (because they work). Our customers agree!

BASICS = Competitive Rates, Communication, Reliable Service (RINSE & REPEAT)

We believe that an ‘honest freight broker’ shouldn’t be an anomaly. We pride ourselves in our thorough truck vetting processes, transparency, and clear communication. Problems can be synonymous with the trucking industry, but we are firm believers that 

Now 12 years later, we are still going strong and doing what we love… moving freight.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional efficient logistic solutions that meet or exceed their standards. We operate with a data-driven & market based approach when it comes to matching trucks with freight. Combine that outlook with our highly refined processes and it translates to a higher level of service for our clients and carriers.

 We pride ourselves in our thorough truck vetting processes, transparency, and clear communication.

We have thousands of partner carriers who are held to the highest of standards; reducing the number of service failures that can be synonymous with the trucking industry. Our large carrier base allows us to offer a wide variety of services, that range from legal flatbed loads to super loads. 

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We view communication as a primary service.  Years of experience have taught us that the majority of problems can be avoided entirely or mitigated with clear, timely communication. Our processes are designed to keep everyone on the same page.

Management & Experience

Our processes for finding, qualifying and booking trucks have been refined over a dozen years and across multiple industries.  We have managed transportation for hundreds projects and hired thousands of trucks. We know the key questions to ask shippers, receivers, dispatchers and drivers to anticipate and avoid problems. 


We view transportation from a market perspective. We can evaluate factors affecting the price of transport, on different equipment types, in different lanes, at different times of year and within the context of overall demand.  This translates to better planning and service for our clients.

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